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Ms. Irina N. Zvantsova graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogic University. Ms. Zvantsova obtained higher education in the IP field from the Institute of Industrial Property and Innovations (currently, the Russian State Institute of Intellectual Property) and graduated as a patent agent. Afterwards, she graduated from the Moscow Open Social University Law School, with a J.D. degree in jurisprudence.

Ms. Zvantsova became a registered patent attorney before the Russian Patent and Trademark Office in 2011.


For over 20 years, Ms. Zvantsova was an examiner in the Russian PTO where she worked in the Appellation Chamber, the Higher Patent Chamber, and in the Chamber for Patent Disputes from the date of its foundation (in 2003). Through her practice, Ms. Zvantsova has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field of expertise and legal protection of industrial property, in particular of individualization means.

Ms. Zvantsova has extensive practice in examining and analyzing objections and appellations of examiners’ decisions on trademark applications, granting or prematurely terminating legal protection of individualization means, and recognizing the distinction between a trademark and well-known trademarks within the territory of the Russian Federation. Her practice encompasses all aspects of IP law, including substantial practice in representing appellants in general jurisdiction and arbitration courts in the Russian Federation.

Ms. Zvantsova joined “ARS-Patent” in 2010.

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