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  • Tatiana Tarasova


    • Trademark Attorney, Reg. # 1444
  • Areas of work
    • Trademarks and registration of rights transfer
    • Industrial designs
    • Utility models
    • Inventions
    • Computer programs
  • Foreign languages
    • English
  • Recognition


Mrs. Tatyana Tarasova graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University with a major in Physics and a specialization in quantum electronics. Mrs. Tarasova also attended an online-course entitled “The Basics of the World Intellectual Property” in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Worldwide Academy (CB-in F01340RR) and a course entitled “The Foundations of Intellectual Property Rights” in the Internet-University of Information Technologies (Certificate No. 00015990).

In 2012, Mrs. Tarasova was certified as a Trademark Attorney before the Russian Patent and Trademark Office with a specialization in “Trademarks”.


Prior to entering the field of industrial property, Mrs. Tarasova worked for a long period of time as an engineer in the Linear-Angular Measurement Department at the All-Russia D.I. Mendeleyev Scientific and Research Institute for Metrology (VNIIM). From 1993, Mrs. Tarasova was a professor in the Department of laser equipment at the Baltic State Technical University “VOENMEKH”.

Mrs. Tarasova has extensive experience in researching and developing laser systems, optical systems for various purposes, and other systems.

Mrs. Tarasova has been working in the field of industrial intellectual property rights since 2005 and joined ARS-Patent in 2007.

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