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Pavel Mishurov

Patent Attorney

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  • Pavel Mishurov

    Russian Patent Attorney Reg. # 1946

    Eurasian Patent Attorney, Reg. # 456

  • Office

    St. Petersburg

  • Areas of work
    • Inventions
    • Utility models
    • Patent searches
  • Foreign languages
    • English


Mr. Pavel Mishurov graduated from the Physical Engineering department of the St. Petersburg National Research University of the Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) with a M.Sc. in Technical Physics. During his studies for the M.Sc., Mr. Mishurov won a Grant from the Government of the Russian Federation for high R&D involvement and progress in studies.

In addition to the main technical education, Mr. Mishurov also acquired a B.Sc. in Economics in the department of Applied Economics and Marketing of ITMO University.


Before starting his career in the field of the Industrial Intellectual Property, Mr. Mishurov worked as an engineer at the department of Solid State Optoelectronics of ITMO University. His sphere of work responsibilities mainly involved scientific research in optical engineering, and particularly, development of methods for measuring optical aberrations and their automated correction.

In 2012 Mr. Mishurov joined ARS-Patent, and in 2017 was certified as a Russian patent attorney with specialization in inventions and utility models. In ARS-Patent Mr. Mishurov practices patent prosecution in Russia, conducts patent searches and consults for licensing and assignment of patent rights in Russia.

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