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  • Lyudmila Popova


    • Russian Patent & Trademark Attorney, Reg. № 973
  • Office


  • Areas of work
    • Trademarks
    • Appellations of origin goods
    • Computer program
  • Foreign languages
    • English


Mrs. Lyudmila Popova graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) where she obtained a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering, and the Russian Intellectual Property and Innovations Institute, where she earned a patent agent certificate. In 2004, Mrs. Popova was certified as a Patent & Trademark Attorney, with a specialization in “Utility Models, Trademarks, and the Protection of the Designation of Origin”.


Mrs. Popova has 14 years of experience in the Russian Patent and Trademark Office, including 10 years in the Division of the examination of Trademarks. She has extensive experience in the examination of inventions, and questions relating to patenting international inventions. In addition, Mrs. Popova has extensive practice in handling disputes and defending the interests of trademark owners before the Chamber of Patent Disputes of the Russian PTO.

Mrs. Popova is a participant of international seminars and conferences on the legal protection of trademarks.

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